Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What A Cough

My daddy is so funny. Every time he coughs I just laugh like I have lost my mind. I went to my Dee-Dee and Pe-Paws this weekend and my Pe-Paw started coughing and every since then I have just laughed at anyone that coughs. I don't know why I think it's so funny but I do.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Gangster Of Love

My daddy says I look like a gangster in this outfit. He calls me the "Gangster of love". Daddy is so crazy.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Love My Pappy

I love to put my fingers and my pappy in my mouth all at the same time. 

Just Playin'

This is a cute little truck that my cousin Christi brought me last week. This is my first toy truck and as you can see I love to look at it... I love to reach out and touch it. 

This is my stuffed giraffe that cousin Janet gave me when I was born. It sings music and is so soft. As you can see, I am holding on to things now and this is one of the many things I love to get my hands on. Yesterday morning when daddy gave me my bottle I was holding the bottle all by myself. I am very thankful for my hands these days!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Suck!

I love to suck on my fingers. I am starting to cut my teeth and it just feels so good to bite and suck on my fingers.


Me and Mayer sure are cute together. I can't wait until I can chase him around the house. I bet he can't wait either.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Here me and my daddy are playing pee-pie. I really like to play with my mommy and daddy because they are so funny.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Friday!

Anna Caroline & Robert decorating rice krispie treats....
Doesn't this look yummy?!
Tanner thought they were so funny!
We were so happy they came to visit...Y'all come back to see us soon!

Laughing So Hard...

The other day when I went to visit Baby Pax I had such a good time laughing and talking while I was there!

Turkey Season

Daddy changed my blog background in honor of turkey season! I am a little turkey myself these days chewing on my fingers and playing. We love you daddy... Good luck with the turkey hunting!

Rolling Over!

I rolled over for the first time yesterday afternoon. I rolled from my tummy to my back! I guess mommy and daddy will have to keep a close eye on me now...

Spring Break Visits...

Just relaxing after a busy Thursday!
What a wonderful week it has been! My mommy has loved every minute of being home with me.
This is the cutest elephant hanging on my carseat! I have finally discovered it.
Janet and Tanner
Houston, Channing, and Tanner

Lots of Cousins!

Christi and Tanner hanging out!
Mayer loved the company. Channing had lots of fun playing with Mayer ...He was worn out when everyone left. Thanks Channing for giving him a workout yesterday!
Patrice and Houston
Courtney, Channing, and Tanner
Ashli, Tanner, and Margie...We are so glad Margie came to visit. She is marrying my cousin Christopher this summer! Welcome to this crazy family Margie! 

Nap and New Seat

I took a nice long nap yesterday with my blankie really close to my face. I am just so sweet! 

This is my new seat that my mom ordered from Target! Isn't it cool? I am still a little small for it, but I love to look at all the bright colored toys on it! I am looking forward to having lots of fun it in over the next few months.

Jackson Trip

As you can see we are doing lots of traveling this week since mommy is off for spring break! We went to Jackson Wednesday to visit lots of friends...The top picture is of my mom and I, Jan and her two girls-Emma Grace and Ellie Kate, and Brooks and her sweet new baby Maddy Grace! We had so much fun visiting...I was SO out numbered, but loved every minute of it! Emma Grace (second picture) took such good care of me while I was there. I was worn out and had a nice little nap with Maddy Grace! Thanks for opening up your nice, new home for us to all visit Jan! We can't wait to see you again.

Missing Dee-Dee & Pepaw

Well, Dee-Dee and Pepaw have been on a cruise all week and I am missing them! Here I am laying on their bed wishing they were home playing with me. My mom and I made a trip to Kosciusko to visit uncle Philip. He grilled out for us and we all had such a good time. We can't wait for y'all to get home Dee-Dee and Pepaw!

Visiting Grandmama & Grandad

We had a wonderful time visiting with Grandmama & Grandad this week! They were so excited to see me and to see how much I have grown. 

Welcome Baby Pax!

Welcome Paxton Webb Naramore! This is my new friend Pax. We are so excited he has arrived and is a healthy little man. Hang in there Tanya and Randall! We love y'all...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Laughing Out Load

My mommy likes to hold me and make funny noises. I think she is so funny. Daddy says she is crazy.

Welcome To The Jungle

Look at me in my Jungle Bouncy Seat that my cousin Ella let me borrow. I really like to sit in it because I can bounce around and watch the lights and things move around.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Here's Looking At You Kid!

I am really starting to grow and get strong. I can almost turn over by myself and I beginning to push myself up like a big boy.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Can Talk!!

Look at me talking. I get so excited that I just jabber on and on sometimes.

Corn Anyone?

Man ain't I cute with my John Deere corn-on-the-cob teether?