Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bear Race Cars

Tanner's class has been learning about bears and talking about the letter "Bb." I made these cute snacks and sent them to his class today. He loved them!

They were very easy to make... Milky Way candy bar, teddy grahams, M&Ms, and icing to glue on the wheels!

Gavin's Toothbrush

Gavin is now joining the circus of our nightly routines...brushing teeth! He loves it and chases me when I go to put the little finger brush away. Tanner was so happy and was cheering Gavin on while I brushed.

Stew Cooking

Gavin felt good Saturday after a week of the stomach bug and tummy problems (from switching over to whole milk). He has been one miserable boy, so I am thankful he had some outside fun while the weather was great. 
The men in my family can make a great stew. And, my mom can make some yummy Mexican cornbread. 
Thanks DeeDee and Da for a fun time.

Tanner and Houston relaxing! Tanner loves to spend time with cousins when we are in Kosy. I sure wish we were closer so they could all spend more time together. After the stew cooking Tanner went on his first "deer hunt" with Mike and McNeill. They saw four deer and he had so much fun. 

Gavin's "Daddy Face"

Precious little angel boy LOVES to make his "Daddy Face!"

Ice Day #2 & Back to School

On day 2 of the cold, wet, icy weather we were pretty lazy and enjoyed being creative inside!

The boys had fun... 

This was last week when we went back to school after our "ice days." It was snowing outside and we were all in a terrible mood, but I had to have a pic of us in the snow. But, it was Gavin's first snow. All this leads me to the next statement. I am not sure that anyone in this house is a "morning person." Anyway, you can barely see the snow falling and you can see it a bit on the neighbor's roof. Across town and at our school there was LOTS of snow. Tanner got to have throw snowballs at his teacher, which he was very happy about and it made my heart happy that he got to play in it for a bit.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Homemade Play Dough

We are enjoying our Ice Day at home! So far, we have made some play dough. I found a recipe on Pinterest and it turned out perfect. Looking forward to some finger painting and making a dessert after nap time. Very thankful for this day home with my little guys!

Kroger Run!

We stocked up on groceries for the week...These boys had fun at Kroger! We are thankful to be in at home and's cold out there. We wish Daddy was off work today too!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Look at Me!

 Taking a few steps...
 Busy, Busy, Busy!
 Hey everyone...
 Throwing the ball...He has a good arm!
These cute overalls were our cousin Roberts when he was little. Tanner never got to wear them for some reason, but I can't get enough of them on Gavin! He will be sporting these again. Too cute!


The boys love this new 4-wheeler that GG gave Gavin for his birthday! Look at those smiles...

Snowflake Cookies & Blue Jean Friday

 Tanner's class has been learning about Winter, so Friday (when it was 70 degrees out) I sent snowflake cookies!
 Friday, Tanner and I got to wear blue jeans to school...and wear an SEC shirt....Tanner sported his MSU t-shirt. I sported Ole Miss. He wasn't into pics early in the morn.
And, we even had a pancake breakfast fundraiser at school that morning. I call that a good day!

Supper Time

Gavin has been enjoying some different little foods at supper time this week. I am not the best at fixing many veggies each, I am still doing some baby food just to make sure he is getting plenty of veggies! And, he seems happy with my plan most of them time. So far, he really likes pears, peaches, mac n cheese, turkey, cheese, bread, and a cheesy tomato stroganoff casserole that I made this week. Also, I am down to nursing him only one time at night...only a few more nights of that and we are calling it a wrap up! Cheers to ONE year of nursing this sweet baby. I am so blessed and thankful to be able to have done that for both of my boys for one year! Neither of them ever had one drop of formula... thankful to have saved that $$$. 

He also loves to cruise around in his walker and snack on cheerios, yogurt snacks, and cookies!

Phone Pictures...

 Sunday Night Snuggles and a movie...

 The Big Boy on his Birthday!
Tanner playing in his mini sandbox!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

He's ONE!

Gavin turned ONE yesterday! We have been so blessed by this precious, sweet little miracle... What a fun year of sleepless nights and learning how to juggle two kiddos....God is Good!
 2 months old
 11 months old
 30 minutes old
 9 months
 7 months
 around 7 months
 6 months
about 6 months
 10 months
 probably around a few weeks old
 few weeks old
week old