Friday, December 31, 2010

Good Bye, 2010!

This has been a busy year for us. We started out 2010 with Tanner being hospitalized for a kidney infection, then a bilateral re-implant to fix his ureters in March. We thank God for the doctors and nurses that took care of all of us during those few months, and are so thankful that Tanner's appointment in May with Dr. Williams showed that the surgery corrected the urinary reflux.
Brian and I celebrated 4 years of marriage in March and are looking forward to 5 years in 2011 - we have a fun little trip planned!
We did a good bit of traveling this year, which we enjoy so much. We went to Nashville a couple of times, Smith Lake, and Branson.
We did have some ups and downs over the summer...I miscarried twice and it breaks my heart that I didn't get to hold those babies in my arms here on Earth. I know who's holding them in Heaven, so that makes it a little bit easier on me most of the time. We are praying that God blesses us with another healthy baby one day soon because I know Tanner will be a great big brother!
We enjoyed this past summer with lots of swimming, outside time, and playing with friends. We were sad to see summer end, but glad to see fall...
This school year has been great for Tanner. He has made some new friends and had so much fun with his teachers at daycare. They are truly a blessing! Sometimes I still get a little jealous that they get to spend so much time with him during the day:)
Tanner turned two in November...the John Deere tractor birthday party was a hit and our friends and family surrounded us to cheer on another year of fun with our Tanman!
We enjoyed Thanksgiving break by our usual traveling to see family and eating lots of good food. Brian took his vacation week that week and we even were able to squeeze in a trip to Branson, MO.
The Christmas holidays came quickly and we had lots of last minute shopping to do! But, before our shopping came another little surgery - Tanner had his second set of tubes put in and his adenoids removed...gosh, really?! His recovery period was pretty quick and we were thankful all the deductibles and out of pocket expenses had been met... many, many months ahead:) Merry Christmas to us from Blue Cross Blue Shield. Christmas break was much needed around our house and we have been lazy watching lots of movies, playing with new toys, trying to reorganize things, visiting family, and just spending time together.
Tanner is talking so much and enjoys movies-Bambi is his favorite right now, playing with his trucks and tractors, being outside, reading books, playing with his friends and eating "bok, bok" from Chick-fil-a. I have enjoyed every second of being home with this wild two year old over the holidays!
As you can see, our 2010 has been a bit of a roller coaster, physically and emotionally...We are thankful God has been with us every second of this 2010 journey- that is the ONLY way we have made it through some of these days! I am more than thankful for my husband who has stood by my side and been my encourager through the tough times...Bring on 2011!
We hope you all have a safe, fun night! We are staying around the house tonight being lazy...Laura

The Laziest Dog

I guess since Mayer had eye surgery Monday he thought this was where he was supposed to be. Gotta love this dog! I mean, really...Take a close look. Head is on pillow. I can't stop laughing when I look at this. So, we are actually glad that 2010 is behind us...enough surgeries around this house to last us for a while:)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Not without my...

monster truck.
Notice the tire sticking out from under my arm. I will not go anywhere without this little monster truck these days!

My Pirate Ship

This is my ship that Santa brought me. We had to put it together and I have had more fun drawing on it and playing in it. We will post updated pictures soon because I have actually worked on it a lot since these pics. Will even came over for a while this morning and helped me color on it!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


We have had a busy, fun weekend and we are all glad to be home! We missed Oxford's White Christmas, but got to enjoy some snow flurries in Kosy while we were there. Our family is beyond blessed to have such a wonderful extended family with cousins, aunts, uncles, great grandparents and grandparents. We have enjoyed our time spent with each of you over the holidays! We are looking forward to resting up this week and organizing all of our new things. We hope each of you had a very Merry Christmas with your family and we hope you enjoy all of the pictures below from all of our family time we had over the holidays...

Santa came to Dee & Da's

Santa came to Dee and Da's and left me a few fun things! This is the video from Christmas morning after I woke up. He also left me a stocking filled with goodies that I found when we got back home to Oxford (below)...Guess I was on the nice list this year!

Christmas at Christi & David's

Back row from Left - Philip, David, DeeDee, Junior, Patrice, John, Griffin, Dad, Me
Middle row - Aunt B, Shelia, Christi, Courtney, Channing, Ginger, McNeill, Mike, Connie, Glenda, Larry
Front - Mom, Houston, Scott, Taylor, Da
We had a wonderful time Christmas night with more family...lots of good food, laughs, and fun! Thanks to Christi and David for having us all out...
Giving Santa love...
Playing with my new fire station...

Talking to Channing...

Christmas Day

Thanks for everything Dee and Da!
This is what the guys did most of the day. The deer were out and about!
I did not want to miss anything, so I just rested anywhere I could!

This was Daddy's Christmas gift...It is a big tent:) I believe I see many hunting trips in the future in this thing!
Passing out gifts...
Uncle Philip acting silly.
New shoes for Daddy!
A tractor for me!
We enjoyed opening presents Christmas afternoon with Dee, Da, Uncle Philip, and Aunt B! We got lots of fun things and are just so thankful for our time we got to spend with each of them over the weekend.

Christmas Morning at DeeDa's

Showing DeeDee the snow...
Doing the snow dance!
Watching the snow fall with DeeDee...
Can you find me?
Da fixed a great breakfast for all of us...
We all were very lazy Christmas day and stayed in our pj's until just in time for Uncle Philip and Aunt B to get back and open presents! It snowed off and on but did not stick....We were a bit sad we missed the white Christmas Oxford had!

Christmas at Grandmama & Grandad's

From Left (not in the best order!) - AC, Robert, Daddy, me, Da, Mark, Richard, DeeDee, Hogan, Aunt B, Mom, Grandad, Grandmama, Jean, Will, Uncle Philip, Stephen, Stephanie, Ricky, Terry, Anna, & Rob
Don took the picture - Thanks!
Robert with some of his goods...
Anna Caroline and Mark...
Sweet Cousins!
AC trying to keep Tanner out of the presents until everyone finished eating...
We had Christmas Eve supper at Grandmama and Grandad's house. Everyone was there, which is unusual because it is so hard to plan around each families Christmas plans. We had yummy food and had a nice, loud time visiting and opening presents!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Some days are made for relaxing and waking up to snacks in bed...

Happy Boys


Sweet boy loves bath time.

Please, just one...

Playing with my Sodor Bath Island...
Last night I just had to open one present.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Visit

Papaw and Sue came to stay the night and I enjoyed helping them unwrap their present! Also, they treated us to supper at AJAX...yummy.

Thanks goodness...

that Monday is over!
I had a second set of tubes put in and my adenoids taken out. Dr. Dye said my right ear did look pretty rough and my adenoids were, I guess we did the right thing:) I slept (see pic above) most of the day (in my hospital gown, because I wanted to wear it home - we returned it yesterday) when we got home Monday. I have been doing really good and we are praying that all continues to go great since we have lots going on over the weekend! Once again, we are so blessed to have wonderful doctors and nurses that go over and beyond to get me feeling better. We are really thankful for the nurse that let us take the blanket and hospital gown home...I was not in any mood to be changing clothes when I got out of surgery:( God is so good to surround us with such wonderful people. We ask for your continued prayers for my speedy recovery.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Elliott Christmas

The whole crew!
L to R - Glenda, Gary, Kathy, Ella, Leslie, Jason, Claire, Paula, Sarah, Charles, David, Chase, me, Mom, & Dad
We had a fun time singing Christmas carols after opening gifts...

Ella being silly!
All three of us being silly...
Uncle David & Chase
I got tractors, trucks, cars, gift cards....
Ella and Claire got all the girl stuff...
Paula gave me this monster truck... I love it.
Leslie and Jason

You just gotta have some decorated cookies...We had Elliott Christmas at our house tonight. We had such a great time and were so glad that everyone got to come. The food was wonderful and the fellowship was even better!