Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This video was taken about a week ago, we are just a bit behind on blogging these days.

Playground fun

What a big boy going down the slide!

This is my friend, Harris...
I had a fun time playing on the playground with my friends after the egg hunt!

CLC Egg Hunt & Easter Party

This morning was my daycare Easter egg FIRST time to hunt eggs. Big Deal! Daddy came and took a few snapshots because Mommy had to go on a field trip today with her school kids. I was just happy to be outside for the egg hunt and was really excited about the tractor that was sitting in the parking lot. So, I was not that interested in the eggs because ANY piece of equipment gets my attention these days...all boy!

Surprise...Mommy's 30!

Daddy surprised Mom with a HUGE surprise party for her 30th birthday this past weekend. Lots of food, cake, cookie cake and best of all...friends and family. Then, I went home with DeeDa and Mom & Dad took a trip to Olive Branch for the night. Mommy was so surprised and all excited about the party and getaway...we will post pics later! (Just wanted to make sure Daddy got a shout out for all this!!)

Mary Kay!!

Mommy's new adventure...Laura Carr, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. The inventory came in two days ago and we are excited. I was so excited that the big UPS truck stopped in front of the house! I had a blast climbing on all the boxes.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy 60th Mrs. Barbara!!

This afternoon we surprised Mrs. Barbara at the Varsity Grill for her 60th birthday! We had a great time visiting with friends. Mrs. Barbara has been one of Mommy's dear friends since she started teaching 7 years ago. We can't say enough kind things about her. She considers herself my "Oxford grandmother" and Mommy's "out of town mother, or second mom." We are excited about the pretty weather because we MUST get back in our daily routine of walking together, or strolling now...We love you Mrs. Barbara!
Mrs. Barbara and Mr. Bob with Mom & I
so pretty & yummy
Mrs. Barbara with Mr. Bob and her sweet daddy!
Tanner's name on the wall...

Tanner enjoyed watching Emery Kate draw beautiful hearts and write her name on the wall! Hope they don't feel the need to try this at home....

The Light Pink Egg

Silver coins..."Judas accepted 30 silver coins for betraying Jesus into the hands of the Jewish leaders." Matthew 26:14-16, 46-50, 27:1-5

Load 'um up!

The picture says it all...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The Blue Egg...

"A lowly donkey was given to Jesus to ride into Jerusalem just before His death and resurrection." We read Matthew 21:1-9...
I was so excited when Mommy got out the Resurrection Eggs tonight. I was running in place I was so happy!
Last year, we started a little family tradition with the Resurrection Eggs that
DeeDee got for me. Tonight I got to open the first egg...inside was a donkey!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yesterday's Forecast...Sunshine/65 degrees

Today's forecast...Snow...45 degrees

Hard to open...

Mamaw's house

Mamaw went and picked us up Hardins...burger & fries. I enjoyed dipping my fries in a little ketchup...guess I have a little "Pickle" in me after all. Yummy!
We enjoyed visiting with Mamaw yesterday afternoon. Abbby and I had so much fun running around her yard.


Looks like this is going to be a new "stop" when we go to Tupelo. I had so much fun looking at every tractor they had on the lot...

Dump Truck

We had another fun time playing outside yesterday! I had so much fun pushing my dump truck all around the front yard.

Story time at Square Books, Jr.

I love to climb up stairs...
Listening to the music...
She was singing the most hilarious songs! This cute little girl in the bottom left is my new story time friend. We look forward to seeing her there again...
Making my bird...after tasting glue and trying to eat the foam buttons we used for the eyes!
Yesterday we headed to Square Books, Jr. for story time. We are hoping to get in a routine of doing this every week, because it is so much fun! After Ms. Jill read Counting Birds to us, we all listened to music, had a little snack, and got to make our very own bird.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Rowan Oak

This afternoon Mommy and I headed to Rowan Oak for a little photo shoot and to enjoy the beautiful day! I had a great time exploring and playing. Out of the gazillion pics Mommy took, these are some of our favorites...Enjoy! And, if you visit Oxford anytime soon, Rowan Oak is a must see.