Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Have FUN!

We want to wish DeeDee, Da, Uncle Philip, Aunt Brittany, Jean, Richard, Hogan, Mark, Christi, David, Houston, Courtney, Channing, the Myers', our traveling blogger friends(Kyles, Moores, & Wyeths), and the people we left out a happy, fun, safe time as you travel over the beautiful blue ocean waters! In this picture I have on my Carnival shirt that DeeDa got for me on their last cruise. We love y'all...


enjoyed it y'all...

Jay, April, and Jackson brought pizza over last night and we had a great time catching up!

A late thank you

Thanks Aunt B for making sure I am stocked up on gummies. You are the best! I love them!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

my ride...

This is my new little ride that my neighbor handed down to me since he is too big for it. I love it! Thanks J...

Pool time

Monday we spent time swimming at the Country Club with Emma Grace, Ellie Kate, and Robert and Anna Caroline. Once I got up from my nap and ate a little something I had a blast! Thanks for all the fun y'all...

Grandmama's Birthday Celebration

I would let AC carry me around all day!
She doesn't even mind when I about pull her hair out...Silly cousins!
With AC and Robert...

We love you Grandmama!
flipping the cornbread...

...playing with the ducks at Cock of the Walk! We celebrated Grandmama's 73rd birthday at
the reservoir Sunday afternoon. It was a fun time visiting with family and seeing cousins we had not seen in a while. I had been at DeeDa's Saturday night and had played very hard Sunday before the party so I was a little ill pill at the supper...but, overall it was fun!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

garage sale find

Yesterday we headed out of the neighborhood to go swimming and realized my little buddy Jackson was having a garage sale with all of his cool toys up for grabs...including a John Deere battery powered gator just my size. Well, Mom called and left a voice message for Mrs. Katie to hold the gator because we wanted it. (The gator is at Walmart for $349...) Mrs. Katie did not get to listen to her voice messages before we got back to the neighborhood and 5 minutes before we got there she had sold it for $15! We were a bit bummed out, but Mom decided I had to have this work bench. We went home and got a bunch of change and headed back down the street. So, I racked up with this cool work bench that was only $5...It is going for close to $70 on, so we feel pretty good about our little bargain!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010


tractor socks...

got a little happy in the mail today from DeeDa!

first visit with truett

Truett was coming to Oxford today for a little checkup so we thought it would be fun to finally meet up...We enjoyed our visit and look forward to doing it more often!

Truett after he had his popsicle...

fun times

Silly boys!

I climbed up in this chair yesterday morning and was very proud of myself!

labs to pugs

Aunt B gave me a few cookie cutters so we thought we would try the dog one out....cookies were yummy!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Smith Lake, AL

Happy Father's Day Da! We hope you had a great one. I could not ask for a better Pepaw and Mommy could not ask for a better daddy! Thanks is not a big enough word for all you do...We love you!!

Smith Lake, AL Trip - June 2010

more weekend pics

I loved for Pepaw to pull me around in the wagon...
Happy Father's Day Daddy! We love you!!

I did a LOT of swimming this weekend!
View from our balcony
Mommy could live here....She LOVES Smith Lake!
DeeDee and I watching Uncle Philip cruise around in Old Blue...
I had such a good time!
Thanks Dee and Da for a fun time! We love yall so much!!