Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pictures From The Weekend

Just relaxing while reading my book. I really like to read.
Mommy got me this new fold away stroller and I just can't get enough of it.
About to get in trouble.
I have gotten so brave lately. Daddy looked up and I had climbed up on this stool. Bad bad boy!
Watch out everybody. Here we come!
Wanting to ride with Ella
Sunday night we went to see my cousins Leslie, Jason and their daughter Ella. As you can see we had a blast. Oh Uncle Matt was there too.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

tornado pics

Yesterday, a tornado touched down in Hesterville...less than 10 minutes from DeeDa's house. We rode through on our way home and checked out the devastation. Please pray for the people that were affected by this tornado.


Luke (DeeDa's dog) was at Mike's pond fishing...I was hollering for him in this picture. Crazy dog.
pointing at Philip on the lawn mower

hollering at Philip on the lawn mower..."tractor, tractor..." that is what I call anything with four wheels...
throwing the ball for Lucy
We enjoyed our stay in Kosy Friday night. We got to visit with Aunt B and Philip too. We rented our house out Thursday and Friday night, so we had to move out of it for a few nights! Thanks to MM and Sam for letting us stay at your beautiful new home Thursday night...I had a great time with Sambo and Mom's sad she doesn't have pics of us!

After the rains...

Once the rain cleared out, it was beautiful. Philip mowed a runway for his remote control airplanes and DeeDee rode Mayer and I around on the mule.

Chilling out with Uncle Philip and Lucy girl


Boys will be boys!

A little eating...

blueberry muffins...

and, of course, a push pop!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Brave little guy!

clapping for myself since i am standing on the truck seat...
in the process of climbing...i was even trying to stand on the steering wheel at one point.

blurry pics again. sorry! but, you get the point:)

Tanner Train

Sorry the pics are blurry...but, as you can see I am loving my little train that Deeda got me!