Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sink Bath


New pajamas! Thanks Aunt B and Uncle Philip...

Pilgrim's Hats

Sent these with the Tanman to school today... We are looking forward to Thanksgiving Chapel on Friday at school and getting out by noon. We are so excited about the whole week off next week!

Monday, November 12, 2012

October Pajamas...

Better late than never...Night y'all!

Senior Party Decor

My mom found some cute decorations for Courtney's Senior Party!

 bottled cokes for happies....
 yummy cake...
the smores table!

Courtney's Senior Party

We had a fun time celebrating Courtney's Senior year this weekend! Here are some of the fun people that were there to celebrate with us...
 GG and Gavin
 Courtney and Channing
 The cooks...
 Houston and Tanner being silly...They had so much fun playing together.
 David and Christi...Proud parents of their SENIOR!
 Hay ride...
 Gavin was so sweet for the party at the barn. He loved all the attention and got passed around and held the entire time.

 Huge bonfire...
 Smores on the fire pit...
 Playing with Uncle Philip on the swing set. Tanner wanted me to load this swing set up and bring it home (in my car) yesterday!
 I even caught DeeDee on the swing!
 Aunt Jean, DeeDee, Aunt B, and me with Courtney
 We are so proud of you, Courtney!
Some of the cute senior girls!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Teepees treats for Tanman's class to enjoy tomorrow!


 Saying their pledges...Tanner knows the Pledges for the Bible, Christian flag, and American flag. Awesome!
Looks like we had a crazy hair day too!
(Brian will post the little bit of video I took from chapel later.)

Election Day

Tanner got to vote at school. When asked who he voted for his response was... "God, Jesus!" How precious. He was proud of his sticker. By the time the day was done he had stickers all over from going to vote with Brian and me. He was happy! Thankful we live in a country where we have the freedom to vote, even if it doesn't turn out the way we hope for. Thankful our God already knew the outcome and we are thankful He has the whole world in His hands. We are praying daily for our President and our country.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cupcake Minis...

Tanner's PreK class has chapel in the morning...All the reason to do a little baking! 


 Gavin figured out how to crawl through the tunnel!

Tanner is such a fun big brother. Most of the time he likes for Tanner to chase him around and he likes to show Gavin how to do things like play in his tent and go through the tunnel...Fun times!

My Helper!

Gavin helped me unload the dishes today. 

Happy Birthday Uncle Philip!

Uncle Philip had a birthday yesterday! Tanner colored this picture for him...

What a Mess!

Gavin found the toilet paper!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Our Weekend

Thanks to DeeDee and Da for all you did to help me get some much needed rest over the last few days! We love you...Also, thanks to all of you for the prayers over the last few weeks as we have all been a little under the weather. Praying that we get well for all of the holiday fun over the next few months! Here's a look at our last few days...Sorry the pics aren't great.
 This was my little napping partner over the last couple of days...He has been the sweetest thing ever! And, has been pointing at everyone and everything. It is hilarious!
 Tanner had fun playing at DeeDee and Da's and the weather was great for some outside time.He had such a good time and is looking forward to going back to Kosy next weekend for Courtney's Senior Party (cookout and hayride!)...We can't wait!
 Last night Tanner's nose was itching...he went a little crazy on the anti-itch creme.
This was one afternoon this past week...Gavin has not been sleeping well at night. He fell asleep in his bouncer seat while I was in the tub! He had a great time at DeeDa's too. He has been eating great and playing hard. He loves to know what is going on all the time! He is even pulling up really well and will stand up for a few seconds on his own. I am so thankful the kiddos are well and healthy. Now, if I could kick this mono out the door we would all be great! Prayers are appreciated this week as I will be trying to get back in the swing of work, being a mom, wife, and being tired a lot! We have a busy November coming up with a few weeks of school til Thanksgiving Break, then it will be only a few weeks until Christmas. Lots to do between now and then! I will try and post pics when I can this week:)