Sunday, January 31, 2010

We had to get a new dishwasher and Daddy has not put the front piece on the bottom of it yet. I think it is the best thing since my toys will go up under it!

Mayer loves goldfish!

Mayer loves for me to feed him goldfish crackers!

Cool little Jackson

being so silly before Jackson left... it was really a late night:) getting a closer look
Jackson and his parents came over and visited this weekend too. We really enjoyed playing the Wii visiting with them!

Golf/Hockey Game

Practicing our golfing skills

... and our hockey skills
Will came over this weekend and we had a good time playing while Mommy visited with Mrs. Heather.

Friday, January 29, 2010


Here are a few pics from when we were in town early this afternoon. It is still raining, so we might just wake up to a mess in the morning!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Urologist appointment

I had an appointment with my pediatric urologist this afternoon. All went well and it turned out exactly as we expected. He changed my daily dose of antibiotic to something new, just to make sure that the bacteria doesn't get me down again between now and my surgery. Dr. Williams feels that doing a bilateral reimplant surgery is the best way to correct the reflux and says that it is a 98-99% success rate. My surgery is scheduled for March 3rd. Two weeks after the surgery I will have a scheduled ultrasound to make sure that the surgery has corrected the reflux. Mommy and Daddy were very pleased with our visit and feel that this is what we need to do. Thanks for your continued prayers, calls, and visits for our family and for my healing!
Daddy and I before going in to my appointment

Moose Slippers

These are my new moose slippers that we got at the bass pro shop today. They are not as fabulous as my frog slippers that Aunt B got me, but they will do.

Bass Pro Shop

Daddy's favorite things (minus the dude in the background)...Mommy, Me, turkey & deer!

I worked so hard to get this cool boat off the shelf...all of them fell on top of me:(

Checking out all of the fish
Daddy showing me the bear...
This afternoon after my doctor's appointment we went to bass pro shop. First, I ran straight to the four wheelers! I have got to have one of those one day. Then, I enjoyed running all around the store checking everything out!


This is my artwork that I did at daycare today...Isn't it beautiful?!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Rug...

We are loving our new rug we got this week!

Around the house...

waiting on Mayer
playing with Mommy's shoe

playing in the toy box

An Invitation...

Playing golf with the invitation.
My friend John Colt sent me an invitation to his 1st birthday party! I was excited to get some mail...

Supper with my friends...

Tonight Mommy and I went to meet Mrs. Mandy, Mary Margaret, and Sam for supper. We had a great time visiting with them!

MM being so silly.
I did not want to have my pic taken by the alligator!
I enjoyed a grilled cheese, a few bites of this piece of bread Sam gave me, fruit, and a french fry Sam also gave me!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Pics from the weekend...

I love to bang the puzzle pieces together.

Finally some fresh air!

Daddy helping me sort my shapes.
Watch out Mayer!

All I want to do these days is play golf, or what looks more like hockey, all around the house...
...notice the golf club still in hand!
My sweet friends from daycare made me this get well soon card!

I finally started feeling better on Saturday and even took a trip to stay with DeeDee and Pepaw that night. I had a great time riding the mule and the tractor, and even got to ride cousin Mike's four wheeler while I was there! These pics are just from around the house since Mommy promised to put some on the blog:)

Friday, January 22, 2010


As you all know, we are home and trying to recover from long nights in the hospital. I had a rough day yesterday, but have not run fever since night before last. We hope that means I am soon going to be over this nasty viral infection. I have a follow up appointment this afternoon just to make sure that I am still looking good to Dr. Molly. Mommy is real nervous about how I am going to act when I see people in blue again (dr's and nurses)...I had them all figured out by about day 2 in the hospital and was not real happy with any of them. So, hopefully this weekend we will get some fun pics of me feeling better and showing out! Until then, happy Friday! Thanks again for your prayers!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We're Home!

God does answer prayers!
I am still running fever, but Dr. Molly feels confident that it is some viral infection that I have picked up from the hospital and has nothing to do with my urinary reflux. My urine culture has not grown any bacteria, so that is great news. Since I have been running fever and feeling pretty bad the last couple of days, Dr. Molly wanted to rule a few things out...chest x-ray-good, RSV-negative, flu-negative!!! So, just a nasty ole germ I picked up at the hospital. We all feel that being at home will have us all feeling better fast!
Looking at my tractor books that GG brought me

DeeDee and Pepaw came this morning to visit and brought me some stackable toys. They were a big help when we got to leave...packing up the room that we have been living in for a week was a bit crazy!
For some reason, I like to squeeze in the tiniest places!
Waiting to have my chest x-ray done...