Monday, January 25, 2010

Pics from the weekend...

I love to bang the puzzle pieces together.

Finally some fresh air!

Daddy helping me sort my shapes.
Watch out Mayer!

All I want to do these days is play golf, or what looks more like hockey, all around the house...
...notice the golf club still in hand!
My sweet friends from daycare made me this get well soon card!

I finally started feeling better on Saturday and even took a trip to stay with DeeDee and Pepaw that night. I had a great time riding the mule and the tractor, and even got to ride cousin Mike's four wheeler while I was there! These pics are just from around the house since Mommy promised to put some on the blog:)

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Kellie Berry said...

we saw dr. molly today! we talked about you guys! you poor thing!! hope you are recooperating well!