Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We're Home!

God does answer prayers!
I am still running fever, but Dr. Molly feels confident that it is some viral infection that I have picked up from the hospital and has nothing to do with my urinary reflux. My urine culture has not grown any bacteria, so that is great news. Since I have been running fever and feeling pretty bad the last couple of days, Dr. Molly wanted to rule a few things out...chest x-ray-good, RSV-negative, flu-negative!!! So, just a nasty ole germ I picked up at the hospital. We all feel that being at home will have us all feeling better fast!
Looking at my tractor books that GG brought me

DeeDee and Pepaw came this morning to visit and brought me some stackable toys. They were a big help when we got to leave...packing up the room that we have been living in for a week was a bit crazy!
For some reason, I like to squeeze in the tiniest places!
Waiting to have my chest x-ray done...

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amie simpson said...

soo glad he got to come home! been thinking about you!