Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Santa Came!

 Tanner left a note for Santa along with a brownie, some crackers, and Kool-aid. This was what Tanner thought Santa would enjoy!

 Mayer even got some treats!

 Gavin did not stop smiling when he saw this little Mickey squirter bath toy!

The boys had a fun Christmas morning! 

Polar Express Ride

Sunday afternoon Brian, Tanner and I drove over the mountain to Bryson City, NC. Tanner's dream came true! He got to ride on The Polar Express! Great memories for our little guy...

 Hot, hot, hot, HOT CHOCOLATE!

 They read the book...

 The conductor punched his ticket...

 and, he got a bell from Santa's sleigh!
 Can you hear the bell?!

Lunch Apple Barn

Sunday we had lunch at the AppleBarn. It was yummy as usual...Wish I had an apple fritter and apple butter right now.

Night in Gatlinburg

 Riding the trolley to Gatlinburg!

 Candy, candy, candy...

 Bundled up...

 Fanny Farkles corndogs...Yummy!
 Cashing in his tickets...
 Tanner and I with DeeDee and Aunt B

 Uncle Philip and Tanman
Saturday night we had a fun, cold night in Gatlinburg!