Friday, February 21, 2014

Cookie Mama

Airplane cookies for Tanner's PreK class. They learned about transportation this week.
President's Day cookies for a few third graders that worked hard on a writing project.
Just because I love the ladies on my hall...I did their first initial on their cookie.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Our Sunday

I must say my favorite part of the trip was enjoying a wonderful breakfast at our nice hotel Sunday morning, watching Tanner swim like a fish in the indoor pool, and having a picnic lunch with my boys at The Loveless Cafe. The wait was 2 hours to sit inside, so we chose to get "take out", which was only a 15 minute wait! It was an absolutely gorgeous day and a picnic was just what we needed before the drive back home to get Gavin. 

Nashville Weekend

This balloon guy is really amazing.

 We had a wonderful table at lunch where table was able to watch the boat and fish. He loved this.

 Tanner and Papaw...

 Trying out all of the stuff at the turkey convention...Check out this guy in the suit to Tanner's left in the above photo.

 Tanner held a barred owl in the kids area!

 This bald eagle was pretty amazing. Both of his wings were broken when someone found him at 3 years old. He is now 28 years old! He was a little crazy when they got him out of the cage. He was a lot larger than I expected him to be, but only weighs 12 pounds. Very educational!
 Tanner has a heart for animals...This is a working dog that helps children with autism and works with veterans. Such an amazing animal!
We left Gavin with DeeDee and Da because he doesn't sleep well when we are away from home and we were worried that none of us would sleep in a small hotel room if he was awake all night:) We missed him, but he had fun checking out Uncle Philip's airplane and helping Da around the barn. I hate I don't have pics of the rest of our Saturday, but I decided to put the camera down after we left the NWTF Convention. The rest of our Saturday included The Lego Movie for the boys, some mall shopping for me, supper at The Rainforest Cafe, and a trip to the Lego Store! 

Valentine's Cookies

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow Day 2014

Yes, it was a beautiful morning filled with neighbors and sweet friends in the snow...
 We got outside about 7:30am....

 Tanner and Russell headed down one of the many iced over hills/streets that they conquered!

 Tanner, Russell, and Gavin on the sled!
 Pit Stop for hot chocolate and Little Debbie snacks (about 8:30am!!)...
 Then, off to Taylor Grace's backyard...

 Then, to the hill in our backyard...

 Gavin and Tyler...
 Snow ball fight!

 Gavin never once stopped while we were outside. He loved it and wanted to do everything the older kids did! This is him and Tyler on the hill in our backyard, which didn't make me near as nervous as the iced over streets they started out sledding on this morning.

 Taylor Grace got this picture of us...
 We had a small fire to warm our hands...
 They loved to "snow slide!"

Then, back in for more snacks before they headed out again! All of the snow was completely gone by 11:00am, so I am so thankful I bundled them up and got out early. We ended the day with a few errands in town and some inside fun at Chickfila. Hoping we get more snow tomorrow because these kids had a blast!