Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Birdhouse

Silly boy. Look at all the cool stuff I got!
Last night, at Chickfila, it was Home Depot night. There was so much hammering and loudness going on, but we had a blast. Daddy helped me build a birdhouse. We had no clue that it was Home Depot night until we got there, so we didn't take the camera. Enjoy the quick pics we got at home. And, yes, I have a scrape under my nose. I had a bad fall at DeeDa's and I have lots of little hurts, but they are all healing nicely.

Love this...

Going through the car wash...
The one thing I disliked VERY much when I was a baby, I now LOVE!

"Mommy, I have a rock stuck in my nose!"

We made a little visit to the ENT on Thursday afternoon because I stuck something up my nose on the playground at daycare. We thought it was a rock, but it ended up being a piece of the soft, rug-like stuff off of the ground covering on the playground. But, I had shoved the long piece way up my nose...Thank goodness I told mommy so that we could get it taken care of:) And, thanks to Dr. Dye for making it all better!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

John 3:16

We have been practicing this verse at home and Mrs. Kylie has been helping me at school...I am doing great with my Bible verse! Tanner-Daddy and I hope you learn at a very early age the awesome meaning of this verse. Love, Mommy

Outside Time

As you can see in the pictures, I am loving the country life!

New Room

I am getting a little more settled in my new room at the rent house! I have actually slept all night for the last two nights...Of course, Mayerdog is hanging in there with us!


A little dark...but this was a beautiful view one afternoon as we were playing outside. We are going to enjoy sitting on the porch every afternoon with this kind of view!

It's over...

This was the last load of all the boxes and smaller things that everyone helped to load after school last Thursday.
I loved running up and down the ramp!
Very fuzzy pic, but I was a big help after school on the big truck....
I loved the bubble wrap...
The crazy, hectic moving day is OVER! In Mommy's was t-total madness and she wasn't even there when Daddy and Da moved ALL of the big furniture. We have so much is amazing how much unnecessary stuff/junk one can accumulate over time. We are hoping while in the rent house we will get rid of some of the junk! We hope to be even more settled in the rent home over the weekend and have all the boxes squared away.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Prayers, Please

Please pray with me for a dear friend that I grew up with....
Please check this blog for updates to know specific things you can pray for. Her sister is keeping it updated.Thanks! Also, we have been sick and moving and just plum crazy. And, on top of that, I am over 23 weeks pregnant!!!Woohoo! I plan to update some when we get Internet at the rent house...Right now, I am at school trying to catch up on emails and just trying to catch my breath:)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Little Reader

Tanner, you amaze us everyday!

Moving Day

Moving day is drawing near. Will came over to spend some time with me yesterday afternoon...we are going to miss him so much. Our original plan to buy the cute little house I posted back a while back fell through (long story cut very short), so we are headed to a rent house for a couple of months while we build in the neighborhood we were actually hoping to buy in anyway. We would appreciate some prayers over the next few weeks as we get settled in out in the country:) We will keep pics posted as our new house gets started in the next week or so...

Little Sweetheart

This precious boy has stolen our hearts, even in the midst of the trying times of a 2 year old!
We love you so much...

Monday, September 5, 2011

Showing Out

I have been singing/performing for 2 days straight. Mom and Dad think it is the cutest thing ever...and, we are thinking a solo will be coming up soon either in church or my end of the year school program. Seriously.

Happy Labor Day!

Silly Cousins...

They always have such a great time! Here they are "hiding" under the desk.
I loved wearing Ella's pink boots and pushing the pink stroller around. Silly, silly, precious boy!
We have enjoyed this cooler weather today, after the downpour we have had for the last day and a half! Amaw came and spent the night and we enjoyed a yummy lunch at Aunt K and Uncle G's house...Hope you all had a great Labor Day!

Happy Late Birthday, Da!

This is the absolute best Da around...
We enjoyed some special time with Da at the end of last week and all day Saturday. Words cannot express how much Da means to us!