Saturday, August 28, 2010

Outside Time!

Now that the weather has been nice, we have spent some fun afternoons outside. Alex, the neighbor's cat, is always up for a play date.

Sittin' on it...

Poor little Thomas was a nice little seat while I enjoyed my movie.


it's been cool enough to get outside!

School Work

My teachers outlined my body and Mom's favorite part are my eyes....Daddy thinks the outlining thing is kinda wierd.
You think this was a little messy?!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Noodles anyone?

Coolest Placemat

For Christmas last year Aunt Anna, Uncle Rob, AC and Robert gave me this placemat to take with me when we go out to eat. We pulled it out of the drawer last night and will be taking it with us to restaurants. It has sidewalk chalk and a little eraser with it too.

Early Morning Movie

This morning I got up very early...and you guessed it-had to watch Cars! Please notice my themed pjs and blanket to go along with the movie...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mack Face-Part1

I love to watch Mac and try to make the face he is making!

My Mack Face-Part 2


Mayer is such a good sport. Notice Lightening McQueen in my left hand.

These are some Cars stickers that DeeDee sent me in the mail. I love them! My favorite thing to do is put them on my face. Silly!

Happy 4th MM!

The Birthday Girl! We love you Mary Margaret....
Waiting on more friends...
The whole crew...

Sambo and I
I had the yard looking really good for the party...
Pool time...yes, I had a good time swimming too!
Party food.
The yummy cupcakes that Mrs. Lisa Whitehead made!
We had a great time MM. Can't believe you are 4...


My new blanket that Dee and Da got me...

Saturday morning spread....
Mom got me these books (on a great SALE) at Kroger last week and gave them to me as a little happy for doing so good at school! We also took a few to my teachers so we would have some new books at school.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Robot Dance

We try to get a little cartoon time in before running out the door in the mornings...I love Mickey Mouse clubhouse and for some reason love this crazy Robot show.

Sweet Reminders

We finally got some rain today! This beautiful rainbow was a nice ending to a long day. Thank you Lord for sweet reminders of your beauty.

School Pics

This was yesterday afternoon when Mom came to pick me up. She forgot to turn the flash off to take pics (through the door window) of me working so hard so she only got a few and then I spotted her and started laughing! We were all working so hard on our puzzles. Everyone was sitting in a chair and Mom was amazed. Hopefully we will get some pics with my teachers soon. In the morning time we don't have time for pics because I am ready to play with my friends and in the afternoons we are just ready to call it a day...So, their names are Ms. Heather and Mrs. Jeana. They are wonderful ladies and I am doing very good at daycare this year. I moved up with a lot of my friends that were in my class last year, so that probably helped. I have also made some new friends and that has been fun too. We pray that this year continues to go smoothly for us because so far I have almost done "a little too good!"


My new favorite movie is Cars! We watch it at least 2 times in the afternoon. This past weekend DeeDee and Da got me a lot of Lightening McQueen gear (pics of that tomorrow). I have a blanket, shirt, Lightening McQueen car, and pajamas....Thanks DeeDa!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Homeward Bound!

Well, we are all happy that Uncle Philip is headed back home tomorrow...He has been in Alaska for 13 days! This is the postcard he sent us in the mail and I love the bears on it. Aunt B even celebrated her birthday while he was gone! We love you both.

No, No Mayer

I have gotten very good at telling Mayer No, No! As you can see he was eyeing my goldfish and I had to set him straight.

All About Me Book

This is a little book that I made last week at school! Mom and Dad are very proud of it.