Sunday, February 28, 2010


The lighting on this pic isn't great, but Mommy took the pic just as I was peeking around during our little game of peek-a-boo. Precious moments...
I was being so silly. Sorry for the see-food...chicken nuggets.
This was my little hiding place tonight.

Visiting JS & Liza

Hanging out with Jackson Story

This is Shae and Leslie's new puppy they got today! He is adorable. We enjoyed our quick visit with them today.

Sorting and Snacking

I love to go in the laundry room and sort these hand towels...I stuff as many as I can in this little garbage can.
not too sure about this banana cookie
my little snack tray...

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Video from NWTF Convention

We forgot to put this video on the blog of me at the NWTF convention last weekend...

Sambo's 2nd Birthday Bash

Happy Birthday Sambo...We love you!
Playing with the toys at Holli's Sweet tooth
playing with Caleb
Handy Manny Cake
Playing with Sam's cousin...Cooper
First CapriSun...I am hooked!
The Balloon Man made Mary Margaret a bracelet....beautiful.
Adam's hat & sword

Playing with Will

Happy Late Birthday Will!

Will came over to visit last Tuesday before I went to DeeDee and Pepaw's house. I missed Will's birthday party last weekend since we were in Nashville....So, hope you had a good first birthday, friend!

Little Froggy

trying to put my belly on the window like the frog!
This little froggy stayed on our back door for a while the other night...I had so much fun looking at him.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Rainforest Cafe

Saturday night we had supper with Jackson and his parents at the Rainforest Cafe...

Out & About

We had a fun weekend in Nashville, TN!
The Opryland is so big!
Grandpa had a booth at the NWTF convention. He was selling raffle tickets for an elk hunt in Kentucky. Riding...
My little friend Molly and I playing while Daddy was listening/watching the turkey calling contest...
Fruit Loops became my new favorite cereal at the breakfast bar in the hotel! One of the ladies at the hotel gave me a huge Ziploc bag full of them for the ride home.
Looking at the pond in the BassPro Shop
We had fun yesterday afternoon at the OpryMills Mall...We went to BassPro and got to do a little shopping.

Opryland Hotel

Mommy really liked all the shops...
There was even a boat ride...

Mommy remembers going to this hotel when she was a little girl. It is still one of her favorite memories and she is very thankful to be making these memories with our little family! Thanks for a great trip, Daddy. We have a few more pics to come from the weekend...

At the convention...

Mommy, Jake, & I
Big tires...
Checking out all of the tires on this New Holland tractor...the men at this booth weren't too happy with my John Deere turkey camo shirt I had on!
Driving a New Holland tractor! (yes, I sat on every piece of equipment they had...)
I will take one of these too...
Sweet, Sweet boy
Test drive...
I did fine in my stroller as long as I had plenty of snacks!
cool little truck & driver
Driving a Sarge truck...this company is based out of Oxford.