Sunday, February 27, 2011

Outside Time

We enjoyed some outside time this morning...I enjoyed playing with my trucks, sliding, petting Alex, and looking for bugs!

Happy Birthday, Will!

We had a fun time at Will's birthday party yesterday afternoon!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Being Silly...





Can you figure this one out?
It's good that I already know this abbreviation...

A First

Last night we went to the Suessical Musical performed by the OMS theater kids. This was my first musical and I really enjoyed it and was very attentive til about the last 15 minutes. Happy early birthday, Dr. Suess!

Daddy's Cap

I had the best time running around in Daddy's cap one night before bedtime this past week.

Sweet boy!

Sometimes we wish we could stop time....

More good stuff!

This is my certificate I got Monday after doing so good at school! I have been doing great all week and have been working on going potty in the big potty some at home. We just need to try and be a little more consistent at home...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This is good:)

One step forward...If we go two steps back at some point, it will be fine. But, this was a nice start to our week! We weren't planning on hitting this hard til Spring Break or summer. WooHoo!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dance Moves

I loved listening to the band at the restaurant last night! Caney Fork is a fun restaurant for kids if you are in the Nashville area:)

Our Sunday Morning

A little outside time at the hotel before our ride home...Beautiful day!

It was a big weekend for first ever shuttle bus ride...I LOVED it!
We went back over the the NWTF Convention for a little while this morning. I was exhausted. All I wanted to do was go back and see the tractors. I slept through it at first, but once I woke up Mom and Dad took me back to check them out before we left!
I got to visit with Papaw and Sue for a little while too! After visiting with them and looking around a little more, we had a yummy lunch at the pizza restaurant at the Opryland Hotel and then headed back home!

Bye Bye Y'all!

Blowing them a kiss...
Look, there they go!
DeeDee, Da, GG, and Junior all headed out early this morning. They made it home about the same time we did this afternoon! Thank the Lord for our safe travels this weekend...

Supper at Caney Fork

I loved watching the catfish in the fish pond...
And, dancing to the music! Video to be posted of me dancing soon...
We had super at Caney Fork last night with Papaw, Sue, Papaw's two friends from work, DeeDee, Da, Junior, and GG!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lunch & Water Show

After having a yummy lunch at Stax with the crew, we enjoyed a fun water show!

NWTF Convention 2011

Dad and I with Will Primos, Founder & President of Primos Hunting Calls Company...
Mom and I playing with the animal prints in the sand at the Bass Pro setup...
Watching coins go around the wishing well...
Dad and I visiting with Toxey Haas, owner of Mossy Oak...
I checked out all the equipment.
Watching turkey calling...
DeeDee, Da, Mom and I are now relaxing at our hotel after a big morning at the Turkey Convention at the Opryland Hotel. Dad, Junior and GG are all still there looking at all the stuff! We got to visit with Papaw and Sue at their station for a bit, and are hoping to visit with them a little later tonight.

Nashville for the Weekend

Reading before bedtime!
Daddy won me a blue gorilla...
Da and Junior playing games...
Da won me a stuffed animal too!
Waiting outside to eat at Cock of the Walk...
We got to Nashville last night and are having a great time!