Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2 year checkup

Today was Tanner's 2 year checkup with Dr. Molly. It went great and we were thankful for a good report. It is routine now that every year he get blood work done, so he got his finger pricked and all of his blood work looked perfect. He is in the 55th percentile for weight and 15th for height. Molly asked us several questions like... How's Tanner sleeping? Is he brushing his teeth? Can he throw a ball? Kick a ball? So, she liked all of our answers and we got out of there a lot quicker than we got in there. Thanks for your continued prayers for our family as we raise our little two year old!

Some favorites of little Tanman these days...
Movies - The Lion King, Bambi, Alvin and the Chipmunks
Food - hotdogs, Ramen noodles, cheese, chicken nuggets, fruit, fruit snacks
Toys - Monster trucks and any other little trucks or tractors he can carry
Books - Goodnight, Gorilla, Tractor books, Animal books, Truck books, Lightning McQueen books
Songs - Route 66 by John Mayer, Thomas the Train, Zaccheus was a wee little man, 5 Little Monkeys, ABC's, Lion King songs, songs from Bambi movie
Favorite sayings - "Right here. Sit right here." "What's that?" "See it?" "No, Daddy." "Back home." "Love you." "Excuse me" -this is our favorite because he actually uses it when he after he burps or has the hiccups. "Please and Thank You." "The End." There are lots more, but these are what we hear A LOT!
Sweet Friends - At School - Riley Kate, Harris Byrd, Cade, John Colt, Mims
At Home - Will, Ella, Claire

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