Monday, February 7, 2011


Loving on Mayerdog
Carrying my monster trucks and Thomas
Daddy and I after having supper at Matt's house tonight...
Our afternoons go too fast around here. This is what our usual afternoon is like...
3:30-Mom picks me up from CLC
4ish-We get home from our school day and Mayer is very happy to see us
4:30-Dad gets home from work
4:30-7ish-We all relax, watch movies, have supper, etc.
7:15-Bath time
7:30-Read books, say prayers and by 8pm I'm getting a little shut eye
We have a great schedule going around here and we are all really happy when it goes smoothly. Tonight we are all running a little behind, but we sure have enjoyed our time together watching Bambi on the "big" bed!

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