Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

 We had a fun Memorial Day relaxing around the house. Dee Dee and Da came and spent the day with us and we grilled out and relaxed....Fun day!

Gavin's First Haircut

 Gavin was a sweet boy while he got his hair cut today...I am sad it wasn't just a "trim" like I asked for.

 It's TOO short:(

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sprinkler Time

 Yesterday Austin invited us over for some play time in the sprinkler...

 and popsicles!
 Hello Summertime!

Gulf Shores Pics from Phone

 Relaxing in the hotel...
 We took over Mommy's bed!
 The Track...
 Gavin loves his new toy from Target...

 Pool time...
 Splash pad at the outlet mall...

This is the life!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Amaw visits

Amaw is on  vacation this week and stayed the night with us last night! 

Rice Cereal!

Gavin tried rice cereal last night! Da says he knew he wanted some apple jacks when we were at the beach...guess he will be wanting that cereal before long. Oh, how time flies...He poured the bowl over and had it from one ear to the other...but, it wouldn't be right any other way. He had his 4 month checkup yesterday and weighed 16 pounds. Dr. Molly said he looked great.  He is such a happy little guy and for that we are very thankful. He still nurses every couple of hours during the day and sleeps pretty good most nights. He still does not like a paci and loves to chew on his hands and toys! We are blessed beyond words and are so thankful for our healthy, growing guys...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Original Oyster House

 Tanner enjoyed crab claws!
Saturday we headed to Mobile for the night before we went to Gulf Shores...We enjoyed a great meal at the Oyster House and did a little shopping.

Bass Pro

A trip isn't complete without a stop by Bass Pro!

Loaded down...

All but two of these bags on the cart belong to the boys and me. We pretty much left home with everything but the kitchen sink. 

Sun + Sand = Happy Kiddos

Tanner enjoyed playing in the sand and the ocean...He LOVES the beach. Gavin enjoyed it too! We were thankful Da set up the tent so we had plenty of shade.