Monday, September 28, 2009

10 months old...

Well, time is flying by...just as everyone said it would. Tanner is now 10 months old and a busy little boy.

Some days I ask myself "Is being a mom really supposed to be this much fun?" Yes, we have our meltdowns, but overall being a mother is the best thing in the world! So many moments I want to stop time and be in that moment forever with him.

He loves to laugh and play. He thinks Mayer is the best thing ever. He chases him around, tries to chew on his toys, and loves to play in the water bowl. It is great entertainment and tons of laughs around our house these days.

Since today is actually "the day after" he is 10 months old, I was thinking about the day after he was born...I remember being in that hospital room and just being so proud and amazed that Brian and I were now parents! Not really having a clue what I was doing, but knowing that God had somehow prepared us for this along the way(I guess all those years of babysitting for me could count for something!) just calmed my crazy nerves.

For Tanner to be born on Thanksgiving Day just says it all...He is a blessing to us! I am so thankful for so many things ...the wonderful nurses that came running when we called,wonderful parents, family, and friends that came to cheer us on and love on Tanner, and for our church family and friends that brought us supper for so many weeks after he was born. So, I don't really know that any of this makes sense to you, but it has been on my mind to share something since he is now another month older...the pressures of blogging, I guess! Laura

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Vacuum Chase

A month ago I was scared to death of a, it is a different story. Watch and enjoy...

More Parade Pics...

Pepaw and I getting ready for the parade...being silly!
Courtney in the Big Red Band...
Channing helping to hold up the sign...

DeeDee's class float...too cute!

Mark is on the top left of the fire truck...Go KHS Whippet football team!

KHS Big Red Band

I enjoyed watching the band in the parade yesterday. My cousin Courtney plays the trumpet in the KHS Big Red band...Way to go!

Homecoming Parade

Mommy and I had a great time in Kosciusko this past week. As you can see, we got to enjoy the homecoming parade yesterday afternoon. Mommy was really excited she got to see some old friends while we were in town. I had a blast watching all the floats in the parade! Mommy says the Whippets never let you down...great floats everyone! Great school spirit...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away!

It has rained here everyday for the past week. I am ready for it to stop so I can take a stroll! I did some rocking and swinging on the porch today and took a little trip to Cracker Barrell this afternoon. Thanks for supper DeeDee and Pepaw! I enjoyed my biscuit, mac n cheese, and green beans.

A Boy & A Beetle

We have been out on the front porch today watching it rain. I am so curious and just don't miss a thing. This little beetle caught my eye and I had to get my hands on it...Mommy got it away from me before it became a mid-morning snack!


This was after I had my applesause and cereal. I like to have some cheerios and puffs after my fruit...Mama thought I might need a small bite of blueberry poptart...pretty good.

More Breakfast...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

DVD Rack...

I just love to play with this DVD rack. I enjoy taking the movies off and scattering them all over the floor.

Nothing Left Uncovered....

Poor Mayer has not been feeling well. Hopefully, he will be all better by this weekend. He sure is a good prop!
Under the table...
...the magazine rack...
...the chair...
All over the place!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Towel Head...

Daddy was making me laugh so hard tonight. It was a little past my bed time, but Mommy says it was worth staying up a little late to see me and Daddy being so silly. She loves it when Daddy gets me laughing like this!

Silly Boy...

I just love it when Daddy plays silly games with me. This towel is great entertainment.
Just a mess!

Almost 10 months...

I had my 9 month check-up last week. I am now 18 pounds, 3 ounces and 27 inches long.
At almost 10 months I am...
crawling everywhere, pulling up and taking some steps, starting to eat some table foods, exploring, keeping Mommy and Daddy very busy chasing me around, listening to music and dancing, enjoy playing with my friends at daycare, loving to follow Mayer around the house and lay on top of him, yelling "mama" when I am mad or hungry and saying "dada" any other time, eating yogurt (one of my favorites), enjoying taking strolls around the neighborhood, love to ride in the shopping cart, waving at people, and just being all boy!

Tanner is truely a blessing in our lives. Brian and I are just so thankful for our family. God has been so good to us and has already taught us so much as parents. On another note, we are continuing to pray that Tanner's urinary reflux is healing as he is growing. He has a doctor's appt. in Memphis at the end of December to have another VCUG to see if it is correcting itself. So, please continue to pray that God has his healing hand on him and that we do not have to think about having surgery in the near future. In Christ, Laura

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

All Over The Place!

It doesn't take me long to get around the house anymore. It looks like I'm not afraid of the dark either because I love to go in the bathroom when the lights are off and investigate my surroundings. Maybe I like the bathroom so much because I know that's where I get my baths.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mac n Cheese and A Mess!

Dr. Molly said to start introducing table foods... I tried mac n cheese for the first time tonight. I really liked it!
Wonder when I will get to try one of these...?
My new thing is to rearrange everything on the coffee table! Mommy is going to have to find a new spot for the mints...

Random weekend pics...

I love to look at Mayer through the back door!
This was after my 9 month check up on Thursday. Nurse Lindy drew some blood from my finger and I loved the way my band-aid rubbing across the rug sounded. Finally, my band-aid fell off because I kept dragging it on things and chewing on it-gross!
The best gift ever-more diapers!

Climbing on Mommy...

This picture looks like I have a tooth...but, I don't!
I love to climb all over Mommy and Daddy when they lay on the floor.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Just a swingin'

This is my swing that DeeDee and Pepaw got me for Christmas. Uncle Philip and Pepaw finally got it hung in the barn just in time for the Labor Day fun this past weekend! I really enjoyed swinging, watching the game, and eating my biter biscuit (what a mess!).


Thanks for sharing, DeeDee!

Hotty Toddy!

I finally got this button off (aka...choking hazard).

Thanks Aunt B and Uncle Philip for this Rebel sippy cup. I loved drinking gatorade out of it this weekend. I was wired for an hour before bed Sunday night!