Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Car Wash!

Tanner loves for me to take my car through the car wash. Gavin enjoyed it too!

6 Month Checkup

Gavin had his 6 month checkup yesterday with Dr. Molly. He weighs 17 pounds, 10 ounces. He got shots and she also recommended he began taking a Vitamin D supplement since he is exclusively breastfed (to prevent Vitamin D deficiency later or something). Also, he had an ear infection so she put him on Augmentin. So, we ran a lot of errands yesterday after his early morning checkup and he seemed fine. We got home and I fed him baby food, gave him the vitamin supplement and thought all was well until he got very sick and began throwing up everywhere. It happened several times before he went to bed last night but thankfully in the night he ate well and didn't get sick anymore. This morning he had a fever of 100.0 so I gave him Tylenol and for the most part seemed okay today. I started the Augmentin this morn and after talking to the nurse felt that the combination of shots and the vitamin supplement that was the cause of him getting sick last night. We decided it would be best to hold off on the vitamin until he finishes the antibiotic for his ears. So, after a day of doing okay, he got sick again tonight. His fever is just a little over 99, so I am hoping he will be feeling much better tomorrow. I pray so. I start back to school tomorrow and this is not helping my emotions.


These pictures say it all. This child is hilarious!


 This boy is sitting up and is SO proud of himself...I am a proud of him too!

 Mayer is such a good sport. Gavin can maneuver around well enough to get to Mayer when he wants. Gavin is holding his paw in the photo above. 

He loves to play with his toys and watch his brother!

Sweet brothers

 This is what a lot of our summer mornings looked like. Tanner loved to wake up and play with Gavin.
 And, Gavin loved to laugh at Tanner.
 Tanner can make Gavin laugh and smile anytime he looks at him.
 I can't get enough of these little boys!

Brynn & Cody

Brynn and Cody are our dear friends that are serving as missionaries in China. They are at home spending some precious time with friends and family before traveling back in August. Their love for China and the people their is amazing. China is lucky! Please continue to pray with us!
 Beautiful double rainbow...Loved sharing the story of God's promise with Tanner about the rainbow.
 The boys with Mr. Cody
Tanner, Sam, Caleb, Adam, Mr. Cody
Adam and Tanner

Sitting Up!

Gavin is such a big boy these days...He is sitting up!

Uncle Philip's Visit

 Tanner coloring Uncle Philip a picture and reading a Bible story while Uncle Philip was working...
 Enjoying our picnic at the airport while visiting with Uncle Philip
 watching several planes land...

Uncle Philip came and spent the night last Friday night. We enjoyed his visit and hope he will bring Aunt B next time!

Camp Out

 Gavin's first time in Tanner's Lightning McQueen tent.
 Brian built Tanner a huge tent and Tanner loved it...
 Actually, ALL of the boys LOVED it!
 Tanner even slept in it for the majority of the night.

Float Friday

 Tanner drew a puppy dog...I was pretty impressed. 
This picture makes me tear up because it completely sums up my summer break. I have had a wonderful time scooting around town with both of these boys. I am so blessed to be able to be home with them during the summer and I have loved EVERY second of it. We happened to visit Holli's Sweet Tooth and it was Float Friday (a few Friday's ago). Yummy treat for us all! And, of course Tanner got a bag of candy...

Happy Birthday, TG!

 Tanner had fun a few weekends ago at Taylor Grace's swim party! He jumped off the diving board and swam all around the pool really well. Amaw even got to go with us and watch all of his tricks. We are so proud of how well he is swimming!
Taylor Grace has moved up the street from us and Tanner is so happy to be neighbors with her again.

The Boys! (Mobile Uploads)

 Tanner loves to "read" his Bible these days and likes to look at it before going to bed every night. It makes my heart smile that the Holy Spirit is already at work! He was so ready to go to Sunday School this past Sunday morning that he was undressed and running around looking for his church clothes without being asked. This picture was taken the night that Uncle Philip stayed with us and slept in Tanner's bed...so Tanner got to sleep on the cot (or as he calls it ...the cotton) in our room.
 Sweet boy snuggled up for an afternoon snooze...
 Tanner loves to play with all of the little Cars character cars that Amaw got him.
 Gavin still loves to be outside watching every move that Tanner makes.
 This picture was taken while I was getting ready one morning. He fell asleep chewing on his teether. If he would sleep at night, this wouldn't happen!
 Once again, all snuggled up and ready for bed....
 Gavin likes his sippy cup...
He is not too sure about the fruit teether, but he tried a banana.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gavin - 6 Months

 This sweet angel turned 6 months on July 7th. I am just a little behind on blogging because I have been soaking in every single second of my days with these boys. School will start all too soon and I am gonna miss these little guys. So, I am gonna try to do my best over the next few weeks to keep the world updated as best I can while we enjoy the rest of our summer days.
I just cannot say enough how sweet and content this child is. What a blessing! At 6 months he is...
*rolling everywhere (he can roll to anywhere he wants to be and pivot on his tummy to turn)
*watching every move Tanner makes
*eating 2-3 jars of baby food a day
*enjoying nursing in between baby food feedings (I plan to nurse him til he is a year-just like I did with Tanner!)...I love it, he loves it, and we are saving a lot of $$ not having to buy formula...another blessing.
*holding a sippy cup and drinking apple juice and water (1-2 oz a day)
*still waking some at night to nurse (which is gonna be very tough when I start back to school soon)
*"talks" a lot and babbles 
*taking a morning and afternoon nap and a very short nap late in the afternoon
*enjoying strolls and outside time when it is cool enough
*laughs so hard...sometimes it turns into the cutest belly laugh ever
*still NOT liking a paci-I don't even try anymore...we just have lots of chew toys.
 We are so thankful for this healthy blessing from above! 

Saturday Fun

Saturday the kiddos and Jennifer and I had a fun time playing and eating (Thanks to DeeDee) while Brian and Alex went to play golf. Enjoy all the pics from our day!
 Gavin and Parker did a lot of playing and staying cool inside with DeeDee and Da. They also both enjoyed riding the mule some while the older brothers did this...
 Gavin is quickly learning what to do at DeeDee and Da's...He loves the outdoors just like Tanner!
A little snack and TV before naptime...