Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Boys! (Mobile Uploads)

 Tanner loves to "read" his Bible these days and likes to look at it before going to bed every night. It makes my heart smile that the Holy Spirit is already at work! He was so ready to go to Sunday School this past Sunday morning that he was undressed and running around looking for his church clothes without being asked. This picture was taken the night that Uncle Philip stayed with us and slept in Tanner's bed...so Tanner got to sleep on the cot (or as he calls it ...the cotton) in our room.
 Sweet boy snuggled up for an afternoon snooze...
 Tanner loves to play with all of the little Cars character cars that Amaw got him.
 Gavin still loves to be outside watching every move that Tanner makes.
 This picture was taken while I was getting ready one morning. He fell asleep chewing on his teether. If he would sleep at night, this wouldn't happen!
 Once again, all snuggled up and ready for bed....
 Gavin likes his sippy cup...
He is not too sure about the fruit teether, but he tried a banana.

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