Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gavin - 6 Months

 This sweet angel turned 6 months on July 7th. I am just a little behind on blogging because I have been soaking in every single second of my days with these boys. School will start all too soon and I am gonna miss these little guys. So, I am gonna try to do my best over the next few weeks to keep the world updated as best I can while we enjoy the rest of our summer days.
I just cannot say enough how sweet and content this child is. What a blessing! At 6 months he is...
*rolling everywhere (he can roll to anywhere he wants to be and pivot on his tummy to turn)
*watching every move Tanner makes
*eating 2-3 jars of baby food a day
*enjoying nursing in between baby food feedings (I plan to nurse him til he is a year-just like I did with Tanner!)...I love it, he loves it, and we are saving a lot of $$ not having to buy formula...another blessing.
*holding a sippy cup and drinking apple juice and water (1-2 oz a day)
*still waking some at night to nurse (which is gonna be very tough when I start back to school soon)
*"talks" a lot and babbles 
*taking a morning and afternoon nap and a very short nap late in the afternoon
*enjoying strolls and outside time when it is cool enough
*laughs so hard...sometimes it turns into the cutest belly laugh ever
*still NOT liking a paci-I don't even try anymore...we just have lots of chew toys.
 We are so thankful for this healthy blessing from above! 

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