Tuesday, July 31, 2012

6 Month Checkup

Gavin had his 6 month checkup yesterday with Dr. Molly. He weighs 17 pounds, 10 ounces. He got shots and she also recommended he began taking a Vitamin D supplement since he is exclusively breastfed (to prevent Vitamin D deficiency later or something). Also, he had an ear infection so she put him on Augmentin. So, we ran a lot of errands yesterday after his early morning checkup and he seemed fine. We got home and I fed him baby food, gave him the vitamin supplement and thought all was well until he got very sick and began throwing up everywhere. It happened several times before he went to bed last night but thankfully in the night he ate well and didn't get sick anymore. This morning he had a fever of 100.0 so I gave him Tylenol and for the most part seemed okay today. I started the Augmentin this morn and after talking to the nurse felt that the combination of shots and the vitamin supplement that was the cause of him getting sick last night. We decided it would be best to hold off on the vitamin until he finishes the antibiotic for his ears. So, after a day of doing okay, he got sick again tonight. His fever is just a little over 99, so I am hoping he will be feeling much better tomorrow. I pray so. I start back to school tomorrow and this is not helping my emotions.

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