Saturday, June 26, 2010

garage sale find

Yesterday we headed out of the neighborhood to go swimming and realized my little buddy Jackson was having a garage sale with all of his cool toys up for grabs...including a John Deere battery powered gator just my size. Well, Mom called and left a voice message for Mrs. Katie to hold the gator because we wanted it. (The gator is at Walmart for $349...) Mrs. Katie did not get to listen to her voice messages before we got back to the neighborhood and 5 minutes before we got there she had sold it for $15! We were a bit bummed out, but Mom decided I had to have this work bench. We went home and got a bunch of change and headed back down the street. So, I racked up with this cool work bench that was only $5...It is going for close to $70 on, so we feel pretty good about our little bargain!

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