Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ice Day #2 & Back to School

On day 2 of the cold, wet, icy weather we were pretty lazy and enjoyed being creative inside!

The boys had fun... 

This was last week when we went back to school after our "ice days." It was snowing outside and we were all in a terrible mood, but I had to have a pic of us in the snow. But, it was Gavin's first snow. All this leads me to the next statement. I am not sure that anyone in this house is a "morning person." Anyway, you can barely see the snow falling and you can see it a bit on the neighbor's roof. Across town and at our school there was LOTS of snow. Tanner got to have throw snowballs at his teacher, which he was very happy about and it made my heart happy that he got to play in it for a bit.

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