Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Biter

Well, as most of you know Tanner only has 5 teeth, almost 6, at the moment! We have waited forever on these pearly whites and we are happy to have a few. Tanner did great without teeth for a long time, except for the fact that he could not get revenge (guess I really shouldn't say it like that, but it's just a fact...) when needed. The day has come. I found a note in his backpack last night that he was the "biter". I can only count on one hand how many times he has gotten bitten at daycare. It always made me sad though. Brian would always say, "Laura, one day he is going to be the one biting, so just give it a rest." Or, it was something close to this...So, if it was your child that came home with a "bite," Tanner sends his apologies. I am sure his teeth are just hurting, as yours were a year ago (and you were the "biter") when you were getting a mouth full too.

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Jan Johnson said...

Oh no Laura! I'm so sorry!