Friday, March 4, 2011

In a Blink

Life can change in a blink... I found this blog ( on Facebook when a friend of ours was asking for prayer for Lucy. Then, the following morning, I got an email from my cousin Ashli asking for prayer for Lucy as well. Ashli went to school with Kate, Lucy's mom. I am so thankful for technology in times like this when prayer is needed! What a great reminder that God has called us to pray and carry one another's burdens. My heart has been heavy this week each time I look at this blog. I check their blog often throughout the day because she is on my mind so.I can say no matter how wonderful Lebonheur is, no matter how fabulous there doctors are...when your baby is sick, it is scary. It is emotionally and physically draining. The few times Tanner was hospitalized last year were so hard on Brian and I. We were exhausted. I pray for strength and rest for Kate and her husband. It is so hard to get a break at a hospital. As Kate says in her blog, it is such a roller coaster. And, not knowing what the next 5 minutes will bring ...well, I can't imagine. I know there are a gazillion other families that face things like this daily and I have been called to pray for them as well. I have cried several times when I read Kate's post. She is an amazing Godly woman. She is praising Him during this storm with her little Lucy. I try not to take any second for granted with Brian or Tanner, family or friends. I really do. But, keeping up with this blog this week has just been a reminder that life can change in a blink. 2 weeks ago Lucy was doing normal things...playing, going to school, doing things that 4 year olds do. After taking her to the doctor for what they thought would be a stomach bug and dehydration, they ended up in the ER and soon after got the terrible news that their baby was battling cancer. I hope that you will start praying with me and many others for this sick little girl. I do not know this family personally but please say a little prayer for them as they are on this journey with Lucy. They are at Lebonheur now and will soon be headed to St. Jude's after they get her feeding tube going, her UTI cleared up, and the meningitis gone from my understanding.

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