Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Tanner has been battling a terrible rash since early last week. We took him in to the doctor last Wednesday and he tested negative for strep (the dr. called what he had a strep rash). We were thankful to find out he didn't have strep and treated the rash with Zyrtec. We sent him on his way to Gulf Shores, and the sun and sand caused a major flare up and when he got home Sunday it was so bad. So, back to the doctor we went on Monday. Dr. Molly saw him and decided he had a very bad eczema flare up. We are now treating him with a steroid ointment and praying that it is better by this afternoon so we don't have to go back to the doctor. On top of the crazy rash, Gavin wasn't himself all last week, so last Thursday we visited the doctor with his few symptoms. They found nothing wrong. Well, over the weekend he began running fever and it stayed around 101 all weekend. Back to the doctor he went Monday afternoon also and we found out he had some fluid in his ears. Bless his sweet heart! He is taking amoxicillin and seems to be feeling better. So, we have had a crazy few days and pray that we are on the uphill! Maybe I will try and snap some pictures this afternoon so you can enjoy the sweetness that I see everyday!

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