Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wedding Day

 Uncle Philip helping Tanner get ready...
 Tanner got several prizes for being ring bearer...
 Handsome little man!
 Grandmama talking to Gavin
 Uncle Philip and Tanman
 Showing Mark the iPad games
 Some of the groomsmen

 Beautiful Bride!

 AC & Robert
 Grandad and Rob

 Sweet Aunt B!
 Da had a rough few days...kidney stones got the best of him. Please continue to pray he feels better soon!

 Unity candle...
 Mr. and Mrs. Sandridge!

 We love you Uncle Philip and Aunt B!
 The flowers were so pretty...

 Stephen's cake...out of all the pics I took I didn't get the bride's cake!
 Tanner's favorite table!

 We are so happy for them! Bubbles...
 and, silly string!

 The silly string war continued after they left...
 Gavin getting in on the action...
 My sweet boy after he fell down 3 concrete steps and got a huge bump on his head:( Thankful he is OK!
I am sure they are having a LOVELY time in the Bahamas right now! 

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