Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

Yummy cookies... 

 Pretzel Sticks...
 The boys loved all of their cards they got in the mail!

 This is what Tanner passed out to his friends at school for Valentine's Day!
 Tanner and his friend Will. 
Opening his Valentine cards and candy from his classmates... 

Amaw came yesterday and brought the boys these adorable cookies! 
Mrs. Boyd, Tanner, and Mrs. Pierce
Can I just brag on this little guy for a bit? He is amazing at learning his memory work (verses, poems, etc.) and is actually blowing me away with sounding out words and knowing what letter each word starts with. He asks me what EVER letter is when we see words on ANYthing (even the toilet, no joke.)... I do believe we are going to have a little reader on our hands soon. He also LOVES to be read too! LOVE him so much!

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