Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Sunday night Gavin fell on the hardwood and busted his lip soooo bad. We decided against the ER but new he would have to see a doctor first thing Monday morn. So I showed up at the pediatric clinic at 8am and they got us in right away! The pediatrician started him on an antibiotic and sent us to the plastic surgeon in town. On a side note... I'm very thankful to live in a town that has such wonderful doctors and specialists! What a blessing! So, we saw the plastic surgeon and he said Gavin's lip should heal just fine. We are very thankful. It is a nasty, terrible looking cut! The swelling has already started to go down today and it looks a little better. These photos were taken yesterday and he just wouldn't be still enough for me to get a good picture....The worst part is on the inside.

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