Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Phone pics from SB Week...

A few pictures from my phone ...Spring Break Week! Last week, we enjoyed lots of days outside and just having no schedule. 
 Lego Man!
 Gavin loves to ride Tanner's tractor...
Two thumbs up for dirt!
 Tanner has enjoyed the dirt piles next door while they are working on building some new homes.
 Gavin had an ear infection:( He seems to be feeling better this week. Also, we made a trip to the dermatologist last week for some really dry, itchy places on his skin. Thankfully, they think he will outgrow it by the time he is 5 or 6. 
 We went to the park a few times. Brian got to walk over and have a picnic with us one day. Tanner said it was the "best picnic ever!"
Gavin loves to use Brian's turkey and owl calls. It is hilarious!

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