Sunday, March 24, 2013

Saturday Fun

Saturday morning Brian went turkey hunting, so I got to spend some time with the little guys! We were busy, busy...First, we went to Chickfila and got our picture made with the Easter bunny. It was hilarious. Gavin didn't want anything to do with him and I even had to get in the picture to hold Gavin. After we took the picture and had been there for half an hour, Gavin kept walking over to the bunny and waving at him...I couldn't keep the kid away from him...So, our picture is pretty funny. I will take a pic of it later and post.
 Gavin loves sweet tea...And, Tanner loves the Chickfila playground.

 Then, we headed to Petsmart. It was like a field trip. Very educational and fun.

 They both loved all of the animals, especially the birds...and, cats!

We were good and germy when we left. Tanner got to pet several things. He loved the bearded dragon and the turtle.

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