Monday, August 20, 2012

Aunt B's 30th Celebration

Saturday morning we headed south to visit with meet the new Johnson addition! He is a doll and I am sad we didn't get a group picture of all the kids. It was wonderful to visit with Jan and MJ and watch our children play! After our visit with them, we headed on over to Uncle Philip and Aunt B's house for her 30th celebration. Philip did such a great job with it all. The food was wonderful and everyone enjoyed visiting! We spent the night with them Saturday night and Sunday, Brittany, Gavin and me enjoyed a Target trip while Philip, Brian, and Tanner went to Bass Pro. We headed back home Sunday afternoon and the boys slept the entire way home!
 I made these owl cupcakes to go along with the theme...because I LOVE a themed anything!
 yummy chocolate cupcakes...
 My mom found some cute owl napkins and plates and of course Mrs. Lisa made the cake. Yum. We now have the Jackson area hooked on her cakes!
 Two very sweet people enjoying the party!
 Tanner had all the ladies playing trains...
 The men grilled! 
 Gavin got lots of attention too...

 It's always good to see cousins...
 Tanner LOVED making train tracks on the carpet.

 This kid LOVES trains these days. It has become a slight obsession. We even went to Treehouse Toys today just to play with their train table!!
 The food was so good...Philip did a great job.
 We love this birthday girl.
 Courtney, Aunt B, Me, and Channing
Wish we would have filmed the hilarious things Tanner was doing and saying as he was helping her unwrap presents...

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