Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What a weekend...

Last week, after Gavin's shots, he threw up several times and the nurse kept telling me it was probably a combination of shots and the Augmentin that he was put on for his ears. Little did we know my poor little angel had the stomach bug. I knew something wasn't right and said all week he just looked terrible, but kept going along with it being shots and earaches. A mother ALWAYS knows her baby. Such an awesome thing that God has blessed us with. Anyway, we made it through the week and my dad came to babysit Friday. He took Tanner to Kosy and Tanner woke up sick Saturday morning. That's when we knew poor little Gavin had the stomach virus earlier last week. Tanner was very sick all day Saturday, then my dad got sick Saturday night. Then, Monday at 1 am I woke with it. My mom is also sick. This virus has been terrible. I am praying that Brian is not going to get it...Hopefully, we are all on the uphill because school starts in full swing tomorrow. Thankfully, I work with some wonderful people who told me to STAY AWAY until I was 100%. 

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