Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Day in Memphis

We enjoyed our Sunday in Memphis! We took the boys to the Peabody Hotel to see the ducks and Spaghetti Warehouse for lunch.
 on a mission to see the ducks...
 waiting to see the ducks walk the red carpet

 beautiful flowers above the fountain

 Tanner was beyond excited about seeing the ducks walk the carpet. The last time we took him he was too little to remember it!
 Here they come...

 He loved it!!


 Tanner with the duckmaster...
 eating in the trolley at the Spaghetti Warehouse

 He saw more trains and train tracks today than he has ever seen in his life. He was soooo happy! Also, notice he is carrying an old cell phone of mine around in his hand. He opened it no less than 100 times today to either "take pictures" or to "check the time"...Makes me think twice about having that crazy cell phone attached to me 24-7 now. I thought a lady at The Peabody was gonna fall out when he said he needed to get his phone out to take a picture of the ducks!

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