Monday, October 22, 2012

Last Week

Last week was the week of sickness in our home...It started with Tanner running high fever Sunday night. I started running fever and feeling terrible on Monday and by Tuesday Tanner and I were both at the doctor. We both left with meds for Strep. Tanner ran fever of almost 104 all Tuesday night. No Fun! By Thursday I was back at the doctor and they changed me to a stronger medicine. We actually did feel better and had some fun Saturday at the school's Autumn Fair. DeeDee and Da even came up for that! But, when we left Gavin's temp was 102.2. His temp stayed almost 103 all Saturday night and finally broke early in the morning Sunday. Thank goodness Dr. Molly got him started on Amoxicillin Saturday! On top of all that I noticed his top tooth has started to break through. Bless him! And, Saturday night I started hurting real bad in my ribs and even had some trouble breathing. I am at home sick again today. I am actually not hurting as bad as I was yesterday so I plan to get a nap in and I am praying to feel much better after lunch so that I am not back at the doctor!
 This sweet little monkey took lots of baths over the weekend to help get his temperature down.
 Sweet little angel! So thankful he is feeling better.
 This big boy has been cooped up all week too. He has played with his trains and watched a BUNCH of TV. He is finally back at school today!
This is what my kitchen counter has looked like all week...ugh! Sickness...Leave our house!

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