Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Phone Upload...

Every now and then I need to post pics from my phone...So, this post is for that...these pics are from over the last 2 weeks of our busy, crazy, fun life!
 Gavin is pulling up and all over the place. He is so fast and is crazy about his Big Brother, Tanner!
 Mayer just goes with the flow...best dog ever!
 Tanner had Western Day at school on Friday and LOVED his cowboy costume (Thanks to Mrs. Jill and his friend Austin for the attire!)

 Then, when we got home that afternoon he insisted on walking door to door and showing the neighbors. And, he wore all of the gear to eat at Cracker Barrell! Too cute...
 We have enjoyed the beautiful afternoons!
 Gavin is so proud of Tanner!
 Cousin Houston gave Tanner this baseball thing a while back and Tanner loves it...
 This was at midnight (seriously) last night. I put him in the tub to "relax" him because I thought his tummy was hurting... I just happened to feel in his mouth and he had his first tooth coming through... Also, this little bambino turned 9 months on Sunday. I should post on that at some point when I get some time!
 This afternoon we enjoyed a walk in the neighborhood and I took the boys to feed the ducks. 

 Last cowboy pic...
Fall cake that I baked Sunday afternoon (to distract me from cleaning out the closets)...Thanks DeeDee for the cake mix and funfetti icing. It's yummy!
Thankful tomorrow is Wednesday...Have a great rest of the week!

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